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Here you can find some articles that discuss aspects of forging Halo 4 spawning, and some other topics as well. I am updating this blog to combine some articles to reduce the content to more terse and direct discussion. I hope you find this blog useful.

– MrGreenWithAGun

Halo Articles

Forging Halo – Level Design Concepts for Halo Forgers
Halo: Why It Stands In A Class Of Its Own– The magic of Halo.
A New Spawn Model For Halo 5 – An Open Letter To 343 Industries

Spawning Articles

Implementing Static Spawning
Small Map Spawning
Understanding Why Spawn Traps Exist
Spawning: Tactical Spawning in CTF
Spawning: Discovering The Weights – categorizing influencer weights
Spawning Out Of Sight – concepts for safer spawning
Dominion: Spawn Layout – How Dominion spawning was intended

Additional Resources

Map Sizes – list of maps and size information
Penny Arcade’s Extra Credit video on Aesthetics of Play – aesthetics in games
Penny Arcade’s Extra Credit video on Graphics vs Aesthetics – graphics are not aesthetics
Penny Arcade’s Extra Credit video on Differences of Kind
Forging Video Tutorials by CertainAffinity
Game Type Labels (CertainAffinity)

How To Save Halo 5 Part 1 and Part 2 – these videos teach basic concepts of competitive FPS

Pan Cam (to see the world) – In local My XBOX 360 mode, start customs game with the map you want to take pictures of. Once started, hold down A+B+X+UP(d-pad) for two seconds, then switch from normal to pan-cam by holding B+R+LEFT(d-pad), then suicide. In theater, use Y to go to fly cam, and press A (pause) once dead. Use UP and DOWN on d-pad to adjust speed, note the controls overall are a bit different.

My Maps

Hekau Designed for Slayer, Ricochet and CTF, Ricochet map contest winner
Pipes & RobinHood – Two maps I created to play Husky Raid
Awaloa РSlayer, CTF, Ricochet, Extraction, Oddball, and KOTH   *WORK IN PROGRESS*

I do not have a facebook or twitter account. You can, however, email me at mrgreenwithagun@yahoo.com.

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